If you happen to be someone who is passionate about baking and tend to have an incredibly sweet tooth, the waiting game can be one that may drive you mad. You have done all the mixing, added your flavour, and now it’s up to the oven to works its charm. As the baking process begins, the scents begin to waft through the air and up your nasal passages, you begin to salivate in anticipation, and the wait just seems too long to bear.

Keep Busy, Pass The Time By

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Keep Your Eyes Open

While the online casino world may hold your attention, and keep you captivated, don’t forget the cake, the reason you are trying to keep busy. The last thing you want is the aroma filtering through the air to turn from sweet, to burnt, and bitter. While your sorrow over the burnt cake may be overshadowed if you are winning on the slots, you will still be left with an empty stomach, and a sweet tooth yearning to be quelled. So have a look at 2018 online slots with highest payouts to find the one that inspires you the most.

Baking requires patience, and time to perfect. Don’t spend the time idly waiting for a cake to bake. Try your luck on the online casino, and perhaps you can end your day on a pleasant note, or even two. Imagine celebrating your winnings with an enormous piece of the delectable cake you created with your own hands.