Things get a little tricky when it comes to baking cakes for vegans. There is so much on the normal baking ingredients list that they are not permitted to eat but there are alternatives.

Eggless Cakes

The vegan diet doesn’t permit the consumption of eggs which can make baking a cake a tricky affair. Most cakes require the use of eggs in the basic mixture. The purpose of egg in any cake is as a binding agent. However, baking for a vegan changes the game somewhat. There are a variety of binding substitutes that can be used that are fine for vegans to consume, it just takes a little more thought. Pureed fruits, potato starch, bananas, yoghurt, and vegetable oil are all worthy binding agents that vegans can consume. The taste may be slightly different, but just as delicious.

Chocolate – Dreamy, Creamy, Delicious

Decadent chocolate cake is probably the most loved flavour on the planet, and there really is no reason why vegans should be any less fortunate. There are many substitutes for chocolate made with dairy milk, that vegans are happy to consume, and they taste just as delicious as you would expect. The most common substitute used for chocolate is cocoa powder. The cocoa powder can be mixed with a number of different elements in order to achieve different flavours or degrees of richness. Whether you use baking powder or vegan butter is really up to you.

Vegans – Not Deprived

Being a vegan is a life choice. For those who think that vegans have the short end of the stick, and miss out on all the most tempting treats, think again. Any meal, or cake can be altered to accommodate the diet of a vegan, and you may be surprised that some of the vegan offerings are so much tastier.