As silly as it may sound, the cake is the centre of any occasion. Whether you are attending a birthday party for a child, a milestone birthday, or a wedding, everybody waits anxiously to see what the baker has created to mark the occasion.

Children’s Birthday Parties

For any child, having a birthday party is the highlight of their year. All their friends gather around them and shower them with gifts. Any child’s birthday party is epitomized by the birthday cake they have chosen. Kids’ birthday cakes should be an indication of who they are at that moment in their lives. A professional baker will quickly be able to assess the requirements and create a cake that personifies your little one completely.

Milestone Birthdays

As you grow older, birthdays become less important, however, there are certain milestones, when reached, that you have to celebrate. Sweet sixteen, the entrance to adulthood at eighteen, and the start of your life as a young adult at twenty-one are all memorable moments that deserve a cake to mark the event. Even numbers such as thirty, forty, fifty, and sixty are all reasons to celebrate. There is no better way to mark any occasion than with a decadent cake. As with cakes of the younger years, each cake will symbolize a period in life.

Weddings – The Only Way To Start A Blissful Union

A wedding is a day that many people dream about for years, and when it finally happens, the day has to be perfect, as if plucked from their dreams. The cake is the tie that binds the decor together and creates an atmosphere of splendour. If you decide to take the old school route, a rich, fruit cake will be perfect, and yes, you can save that special piece for your first anniversary.