You may have experienced the coffee adventure all over Europe, however, Berlin has something special in store for you.

Laid Back, Quaint, and Comfortable

Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin is the location of a coffee shop that must not be missed. No Fire, No Glory is situated just to the East of the famous landmark, Alexanderplatz. The coffee shop is by no means small and has a vibe that will have you captivated from the moment you enter its doors. While the coffee shop is a hive of activity on any given day, the relaxed atmosphere makes this the perfect place to catch up with friends or finish off those last pressing work tasks.

The Coffee That’s What It’s All About

Baristas with knowledge and skill are tasked with coffee preparations. You will be served only the finest that there is on offer, and in a manner that will leave you in awe. There is such a wide, and wonderful variety of different coffees on offer. Each with a unique flavour, and an aroma that is all of its own. Drip coffees and espresso are the most popular in demand, and you need only take one small taste to realize why.

The Pastries and Cakes

No coffee shop is complete without pastries and cakes. No Fire, No Glory has the most delectable, handmade treats on offer. They have been carefully selected and prepared to compliment the flavours of the coffee available.

While you may think a coffee shop is just that, a place that sells coffee, there are those that will beg to differ. A coffee shop experience can change your outlook on your trip to any location. It is the place where stories are shared, friends are made, and a place where you can truly experience the warmth of another nation, other than your own.