There is something so magnetic about the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. The rich scent fills your nose, and the smooth flavour envelopes your taste buds. While it’s wonderful to get your boost of caffeine, or caffeine-free java on the run when in Europe, take the time to experience coffee shop bliss.

Europe – Heavenly Coffee, and Amazing Coffee Shop Vibes

Europe is one place that offers such a wide, and diverse range of coffee tastes. Each town, or city offers up its own unique, identifying blend. If you truly want to experience the European lifestyle, settle into one of the many quaint coffee shops and enjoy a cup of the local java. Coffee roaster, gourmet cafes, and drip coffee establishments are littered all over.

Amsterdam’s Happy Place

Situated in central Amsterdam, in the heart of the tourist area is a small, quaint coffee shop that goes by the name Sweet Cup Microroastery. The coffee is treated with love and care by the couple who owns the establishment. They roast the coffee themselves, and the blends have a unique taste, and aroma that won’t be found anywhere else. People are inclined to go with the selections they know, however, this cafe has a trick up its sleeve. Patrons are asked to smell each blend on offer, no name given, and make their selection based on the aromas. The scent that makes the greatest impact on you, is the one you are served. Enjoy your warm, comforting, surprise in a mug with one of their homemade treats and unwind from your day of tourist adventures. Nothing is more leisurely than that.

Europe is a place of wonder, beauty, history, and astonishing coffee. A European adventure is not complete without an unforgettable coffee experience. The cafes or coffee roasteries are the perfect places to make new friends and share your travel experiences with old ones.