A coffee shop needs to provide an environment that is worth leaving your home and seeking the bottom of a cup of java. It needs to provide a comfortable, warm place to sit, enjoy, and share. Finding the perfect coffee shop for you is a personal experience, but when you do, you will know you are home.

America, Just as Good as Europe

While many will argue that the coffee experience in America is far less varied and refined that of Europe, there are others who will profusely deny the fact. The American experience may be somewhat different, but that doesn’t mean it is any less exceptional. Flavours and aromas will be more geared towards the tastes of the American public, however, the variety on offer is just as diverse as in Europe.

Leaving the Comfort of Home For Coffee

There really is no point in leaving your home for coffee if the cafe doesn’t live up to your expectations. The coffee shop you choose as your favourite needs to check all the boxes. Flavour and blends must be rich, aromatic, and flavorful; the environment should be conducive to a feeling of closeness, and community; and the cakes, and delights accompanying the cups of heaven should be delectable and compliment the java on offer.

New York – Everyman Expresso

This coffee house in New York certainly lives up to its name. It doesn’t cater only for the young at heart, or coffee geeks, but also wishes to share its passion for coffee with anybody who cares to take heed. There isn’t any set menu where coffee on offer is concerned, however, their aim is to serve tasty, aromatic coffee to anyone who wants it. They aren’t there to provide lessons on the brewing techniques. After all the customer is interested in the final result, not the route followed to achieve it.