Whether for breakfast or just for a break, today coffee is enjoyed with a greater dose of calm, attention and awareness.

Entering a coffee shop is a multisensory journey, as once you have crossed the door of the premises, you can sit down, choose from the menu the type of coffee you prefer and the cake that will accompany it, as an inevitable daily ritual.

A tendency that is becoming alive recently, is the “Specialty Coffee Shops”, where the customer is a taster with a trained taste and the barista is a sommelier who interprets the coffee they serve. In fact, in addition to traditional espresso, americano, cappuccino, macchiato etc., it is possible to choose alternative methods of extraction, such as Pour Over, the aeropress, the cold brew and the chemex, which are illustrated according to the different needs of the customer, not forgetting the type of product and its history.

The trend reveals that we are witnessing a Renaissance of coffee consumption through changes happening all over the world. These avant-garde cafés, which are populating Europe and America, are distinguished by their philosophy, with different methods of coffee extraction, selection of the highest quality coffee beans, as well as having well-prepared baristas behind the counter.

On this website, you will find plenty of space regarding the best cakes to serve with a coffee, and recipes for how to prepare them at home. Ideas on what to do while you are waiting for the dessert to be ready, are also on offer, as well as a section dedicated to the best coffee shops in Europe and America.